By Waters Orthodontics
October 07, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Braces are great for giving you a straight, even smile, but keeping your teeth clean while wearing them can be a challenge. Dr. David bracesWaters, your orthodontist in Easley, South Carolina has provided some information here that will help his patients maintain their dental hygiene while working through the orthodontics process.

Before brushing

For braces wearers, the daily dental hygiene process doesn't begin with a toothbrush. First, your Easley orthodontist suggests rinsing with water after meals to remove any large food particles that your braces may have trapped. Next, an inter-dental brush should be used to further dislodge any debris. These tools look like a small pipe cleaner attached to the end of a toothbrush handle and are designed to be inserted between the wires.

The brushing process

Brushing your teeth with braces isn't too much different from what you did prior to having them, but your Easley orthodontist reminds his patients to brush both above the brackets - at the gum line - and below as well. Make sure you clean the brackets as well. It's important to take your time while brushing to make sure you clean the areas where the braces touch your teeth.


If you thought flossing was difficult prior to wearing braces, you may find yourself very frustrated if you attempt to do it the same way as you did before having them! However, it's very important to keep up this part of your oral hygiene routine. Your Easley orthodontist, Dr. David Waters, suggests using an orthodontic flosser or floss threader; these tools make it easier to work around the brackets and wires.

Following these steps during the time you wear braces will help ensure that you'll have a beautiful smile worth showing off once your braces are removed. Contact Waters Orthodontics in Easley, South Carolina for any further questions or recommendations on products.