By Waters Orthodontics
June 23, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Braces  

No Nos with Braces Follow these simple dietary tips and you’ll never have to see your Easley orthodontist for emergency repairs.

Once you get your braces from your Easley orthodontist Dr. David Waters you’ll want to do everything possible to make sure you protect them from damage. Here are some handy tips for knowing what foods you can and can’t eat while wearing braces.

Stay away from chewing gum: Gum can pull at and stick to brackets and wires, which can easily damage your braces. Carry a travel-size oral care kit with you if you need to get that fresh, minty breath without potentially breaking your braces. Wait until after you get your braces off to enjoy chewing gum again.

Don’t eat anything hard, sticky or chewy: This means staying away from foods like hard pretzels, gummy bears or nuts. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid sweets altogether. If you really need to quell that sweet tooth sucking on lollipops or nibbling on softer chocolate bars like Three Musketeers, is fine. If you really want to protect your smile, opt for sugar-free candies.

Don’t eat meat off the bone: Meat isn’t a no-no altogether, you just shouldn’t opt for meats and other foods that require tearing motions. Therefore, choose softer foods like chicken breasts or crock-pot steak, which are gentler on your braces than eating chicken thighs, pork chops or spare ribs.

Cut up raw fruits and vegetables: You hear all about the benefits of getting the proper serving of fruits and vegetables every day but this can be rather challenging when you have braces. While you shouldn’t reach for a whole carrot or apple, you can still get the proper nutrition you need by cutting these healthy snacks into more manageable pieces.

Don’t eat corn on the cob: You can still enjoy this delicious summer side dish, just be sure to either scrap it off the cob first or buy prepackaged corn kernels.

No hard breads: This includes breads like bagels, baguettes and even pizza crust. You can still enjoy softer alternatives like English muffins.

No ice chewing: This should go without saying but never chew ice. While ice can easily damage and break your braces, chewing ice can also leave micro fractures in your tooth’s enamel. Fight the urge to cool off during those hot summer months by nibbling on ice.

If you have questions or problems with your braces, then call your Easley orthodontist right away. Damaged or broken braces won’t work properly and unless you want to wear your braces for longer, it’s best to call us to schedule an appointment immediately if anything goes wrong. Protect your investment!