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January 29, 2021
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Here’s why so many adults are turning to our Easley, SC, dentist for clear braces.

Looking for an easy, convenient way to straighten your teeth? You may certainly be saying “yes” if you are an adult. Luckily, our Easley, SC, orthodontist Dr. David Waters provides clear braces to older teens and adults who want to get a straighter smile but have reservations about wearing braces. Wondering if clear braces are right for you? Here are just some of the cool benefits of this alternative orthodontic treatment,

Brush and Floss as Usual

One of the reasons many people choose to get clear braces is that they easily fit into a person’s lifestyle without having to make major changes. Since aligners are removable you can easily brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. All you have to do is remove your aligners, rinse them out and place them in their case while you care for your smile. It’s also easier to keep teeth and gums clean since you don’t have to worry about food getting trapped in your braces.

Enjoy the Foods You Love

With clear braces there are no restrictions to what foods you can enjoy, so you can go out to your favorite Easley, SC, restaurant to chow down on a big, juicy steak or bowl of pasta without having to worry about your braces. Simply remove your aligners before eating and you won’t have to worry about food sticking to wires or brackets.

Far Less Noticeable

It’s nice to know that whenever you smile people won’t immediately notice your aligners. That’s because they are made from thin, transparent thermoplastic, that will blend right in when worn over your teeth. Plus, you can snap photos with your aligners in and you won’t even see them in your photos. We know how important it is for people to feel confident in their appearance, even with braces, and clear braces make that possible.

Fewer Checkups

Since aligners don’t need to be tightened like traditional braces, you won’t need to come into our office nearly as much. Most patients will only need to come into the office every 4-6 weeks for a quick checkup to monitor their treatment’s progress.

Are you interested in getting clear braces from our Easley, SC, dental team? If so, call Waters Orthodontics today at (864) 855-6360 to schedule a consultation.

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December 17, 2020
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While braces have come a long way since their inception and have become much more durable with modern orthodontic technology, you still need to avoid damaging them. Aside from accidents and poor maintenance, some foods could damage parts of your braces, including the brackets, wires, and rubber bands. Whether you have braces or not, eating a balanced diet is vital to ensuring your oral and overall health.

With that said, if you’re unsure about specific foods, you can always ask Dr. David Waters here at Waters Orthodontics in Easley, SC, about foods that you need to stay away from. Meanwhile, here are some basic foods to avoid to help keep your braces in excellent shape.

What NOT to Eat When You Have Braces

When wearing braces, it’s critical to avoid some foods that could raise your risk of developing tooth decay or damage the braces. Refrain from eating too much soda, chips, and sweets. These starchy and sugary food items produce plaque acid that could promote gum disease and cause decay. Likewise, chewy and sticky foods such as toffees, fudges, and caramel could loosen the brackets and damage the wires.

If you must eat hard foods, always cut them into smaller pieces to avoid damaging your braces. On the other hand, try to refrain from eating overly crunchy or hard foodstuffs like candies, some nuts, and popcorn, as these could break your braces.

Also, keep in mind that some parts of your braces could become discolored. This means that you should avoid consuming foods with potent colorants like wine, berries, beets, and coffee among others. Or, consider brushing your teeth promptly after eating these foods.

Other Essential Things to Remember

Caring for your teeth, whether you have braces or not, is immensely important for various reasons. Flossing and brushing help eliminate bacteria and plaque that could result in tooth decay and stains. They likewise prevent gum disease and other dental issues. Apart from doing your oral care habits diligently, you should also go to regular checkups with your dentist in Easley, SC, for general braces maintenance and adjustments.

Lastly, maintaining a nutritious and healthy diet is crucial to your oral and general health. You’ll achieve better orthodontic treatment outcomes, the healthier you are since a well-balanced diet will provide the necessary nutrients to tissues and bones that are undergoing significant adjustments through your braces.

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September 21, 2020
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How clear braces from your orthodontist in Easley, South Carolina can straighten your teeth discreetly.

You want a straight smile, and now there is a new way to achieve it. It’s clear braces, the modern take on orthodontic treatment. In fact, when you wear clear braces, they will be virtually undetectable to people around you. All your friends and family will see is your beautiful, straight smile.

Dr. David Waters at Waters Orthodontics in Easley, South Carolina offers a wide selection of orthodontic options, including clear braces.

There is a lot to like about clear braces, and that’s why they have become so popular. When you choose clear braces to straighten your smile, you will enjoy these fantastic benefits:

  • Discreet treatment, because clear braces are virtually undetectable to people around you
  • Comfortable treatment, because clear braces are made of smooth plastic, with no sharp parts
  • Convenient treatment, because you can remove the clear braces when you eat, to better enjoy the foods you love
  • Healthy treatment, because you can remove the clear braces to brush and floss normally

Clear braces are revolutionary plastic appliances, known as aligners. You receive your first set of aligners, which you wear for two weeks, and then you move on to a new set of aligners, which you also wear for two weeks.

You move on to a new set of aligners every two weeks and visit your dentist every few weeks to monitor your progress. Treatment with clear braces is complete in an average of nine to fifteen months.

So, are clear braces right for you? The truth is, clear braces are an excellent choice for most people, especially if you have an underbite, overbite, crossbite, or open bite. Clear braces can also close up gaps between your teeth, and realign rotated, crowded teeth. Dr. Waters will do a comprehensive examination, including imaging, to determine whether clear braces are the right choice for you and your smile.

You deserve a beautiful, straight smile, and clear braces can help you achieve it. To find out more about clear braces and other orthodontic services, call Dr. David Waters of Waters Orthodontics in Easley, South Carolina at (864) 855-6360. Call today.

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May 08, 2020
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Do you currently have braces? Here’s how to maintain good oral hygiene.

Getting an orthodontic treatment can provide a wide range of benefits to both children and adults. Getting braces doesn’t just give you a straighter smile, it can make speaking and chewing easier and also protect your smile from wear and tear and possible damage. Our Easley, SC, orthodontist Dr. David Waters offers a variety of ways to straighten teeth, from traditional metal braces to Invisalign. Once you get braces, it’s important to understand how to properly care for your smile throughout your treatment.

Your Oral Care Routine

If you have traditional braces, then you will probably need to spend a little more time brushing and flossing your teeth. You should brush your teeth after every meal or snack. By brushing and rinsing regularly throughout the day you reduce plaque buildup and prevent food from getting trapped in your braces. Here are some other oral care tips to follow with braces,

  • Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste (fluoride can keep tooth enamel strong and may even reverse early signs of decay)
  • You should brush your teeth for several minutes each time you brush. Be gentle, especially around braces. You can still get a thorough clean without using a heavy hand.
  • You absolutely must floss in order to get trapped food and plaque out from between teeth. Once our Easley, SC, orthodontist has placed your braces, our team may recommend using floss threader, which is easier to guide between teeth with braces than traditional floss.
  • Always rinse your mouth out with a fluoride mouthwash. You should also do this throughout the day.
  • Bring a travel-size oral care kit with you to work or school. It’s important that you are brushing your teeth after lunch and snacks. At the very least, make sure to rinse your mouth out with water or an antimicrobial mouthwash and then brush as soon as possible.

Your Diet

What you can and can’t eat will also change once you get braces. After all, there are certain foods that are too sticky, crunchy, and hard for braces, and could damage them. Your orthodontist will provide you with a list of foods such as caramel, corn on the cob, hard breads, and pretzels, which will be off-limits while you wear braces. You will also need to avoid chewing gum, which can stick to brackets and wires.

If you have Invisalign, you won’t have to change your diet but you will need to remove your aligners prior to eating or drinking. It’s important to remove them beforehand, as certain hot foods and drinks could warp or damage your aligners.

While our office is currently closed due to Covid-19, the team at Waters Orthodontics in Easley, SC, is still providing urgent and emergency dental care. If you are dealing with a toothache, bleeding, broken braces, or damaged tooth please call us right away at (864) 855-6360.

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March 10, 2020
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It's never too late to improve your smile with orthodontics. If you've been thinking about straightening your teeth, your Easley, SC, orthodontist, Dr. David Waters of Water Orthodontics, can help you consider your options.

Can braces help me?

Orthodontic treatment isn't just for children and teenagers. Straightening your teeth offers important benefits for adults too. If your teeth have shifted with age, or you weren't able to get braces when you were a child, orthodontic treatment can correct alignment issues that affect the appearance and function of your teeth.

Braces can even help you avoid tooth loss as you grow older, particularly if you have a bite problem. The problem occurs when your upper and lower teeth don't fit together as they should. Over time, excessive wear due to a bite problem can damage teeth and lead to tooth loss.

Fortunately, orthodontic treatment offers a simple way to protect your smile. Straightening your teeth also makes it easier to remove cavity-causing plaque from tooth surfaces, reducing your cavity risk.

Is orthodontic treatment an option if I have a crown or bridge?

Crowns, bridges and dental implants are not barriers to orthodontic treatment. Accommodating the restorations may require a little creativity, but they won't prevent you from improving your smile.

What kinds of problems can be treated with orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics can straighten crooked teeth, close gaps between teeth, and eliminate crowding. The treatment is also used to treat bite problems, including overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites.

What orthodontic options are available in Easley?

The best orthodontic option for you will depend on your straightening goals and your orthodontic issues. Metal braces are an option for just about everyone and can improve mild-to-severe orthodontic problems. In this treatment option, adjusting the tension of metal wires threaded through brackets attached to your teeth gradually re-positions your smile.

Ceramic braces use the same approach as metal braces but are a little less noticeable. Clear or tooth-colored wires are passed through tooth-colored brackets when you wear ceramic braces.

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