Clear Braces in Easley, SC

Clear Braces Easely SC OrthodontistSince the majority of people aren’t born with perfectly straight teeth, sometimes their smiles need a little help from orthodontics. However, braces have certainly changed a lot since the days of cumbersome brackets and wires. It is now much easier for patients of all ages to wear braces that offer more subtlety than their traditional metal counterparts. Whether you’re a teenager who doesn’t feel comfortable going to high school with braces, or an adult in the working world, clear ceramic braces from Waters Orthodontics are a great option for those looking to get a healthier-looking smile without the metal.

Why Clear Braces?

While clear braces work the same as traditional metal braces to give you a straighter smile, they offer one big advantage: they are made from ceramic. Also referred to as clear braces, they offer the advantage of being tooth-colored, so they easily blend in with your smile. They also offer the same strength and resilience that regular metal braces do.

Ceramic braces are a great option for someone looking to correct a misalignment, crooked or gapped smile. These braces can handle the same cases that regular metal braces do, with the appeal of being more aesthetically pleasing. Keep in mind that some ceramic braces are more prone to staining than metal braces. Therefore, it’s important to avoid stain-causing foods and drinks as much as possible, and to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent discolorations from befalling your clear braces.

Are Clear Ceramic Braces Right For Me?

The best way to find out if ceramic braces are right for your smile is to schedule a consultation. During your visit, we will examine your smile and discuss your goals for treatment, to make sure that ceramic braces are the best option. Keep in mind that because ceramic braces offer a more appealing and discreet look that they are often more expensive than just opting for traditional metal braces alone. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss the cost of treatment, as well.

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