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By Waters Orthodontics
March 10, 2020
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It's never too late to improve your smile with orthodontics. If you've been thinking about straightening your teeth, your Easley, SC, orthodontist, Dr. David Waters of Water Orthodontics, can help you consider your options.

Can braces help me?

Orthodontic treatment isn't just for children and teenagers. Straightening your teeth offers important benefits for adults too. If your teeth have shifted with age, or you weren't able to get braces when you were a child, orthodontic treatment can correct alignment issues that affect the appearance and function of your teeth.

Braces can even help you avoid tooth loss as you grow older, particularly if you have a bite problem. The problem occurs when your upper and lower teeth don't fit together as they should. Over time, excessive wear due to a bite problem can damage teeth and lead to tooth loss.

Fortunately, orthodontic treatment offers a simple way to protect your smile. Straightening your teeth also makes it easier to remove cavity-causing plaque from tooth surfaces, reducing your cavity risk.

Is orthodontic treatment an option if I have a crown or bridge?

Crowns, bridges and dental implants are not barriers to orthodontic treatment. Accommodating the restorations may require a little creativity, but they won't prevent you from improving your smile.

What kinds of problems can be treated with orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics can straighten crooked teeth, close gaps between teeth, and eliminate crowding. The treatment is also used to treat bite problems, including overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites.

What orthodontic options are available in Easley?

The best orthodontic option for you will depend on your straightening goals and your orthodontic issues. Metal braces are an option for just about everyone and can improve mild-to-severe orthodontic problems. In this treatment option, adjusting the tension of metal wires threaded through brackets attached to your teeth gradually re-positions your smile.

Ceramic braces use the same approach as metal braces but are a little less noticeable. Clear or tooth-colored wires are passed through tooth-colored brackets when you wear ceramic braces.

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By Waters Orthodontics
December 18, 2019
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Does your child need braces? Need an orthodontist in Easley, SC? Orthodontic treatment can correct misaligned teeth or gaps that your child has been self-conscious about for years. It can give your child the confidence and pride that come with a great smile. Led by Dr. David Waters, Waters Orthodontics in Easley, SC, offers orthodontic treatment to people of all ages. Here are 5 signs that your child could benefit from orthodontic work.

1. Your child has crooked teeth. Crooked teeth is the most common reasons to get dental braces. Dental braces are devices that apply gentle, controlled forces to the teeth to move them into better alignment. Many people associate straight teeth with beauty and health, and there's nothing wrong with wanting a straight smile for your child.

2. Your child has crowded teeth. A crowded mouth is the most common issue addressed by braces. Crowded teeth can have numerous causes. For some people, their bones are simply too small to contain all their teeth properly, which causes their teeth to shift and crowd together. Crowded teeth can also run in the family.

3. Your child has gapped teeth. Spacing is one of the more common issues addressed by orthodontic treatment. Large gaps between the teeth could impair the functioning of your child's bite and jaw. Braces have brackets and archwires that put pressure on teeth and slowly move them together, which closes gaps between teeth.

4. Your child has an improper bite. In orthodontics, “bite” refers to the way the lower and upper teeth come together. When your child bites down, their teeth should fit together. If your child's upper or lower teeth protrude significantly past the others, he or she may have a bite problem that need to be corrected with braces.

5. Your child has jaw pain. If your child's jaw is misaligned, it may put extra stress on their temporomandibular joints (TMJ), the hinges that attach the jaw to the head. Children who experience pain or soreness in this area may need dental braces to align their jaw and correct their bite.

Give your little one the gift of a beautiful, healthy smile. Call Waters Orthodontics at (864) 855-6360 right now to schedule a dental consultation with our orthodontist in Easley, SC. Creating beautiful, healthy smiles for our patients is what we do best!

By Waters Orthodontics
February 14, 2019
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Bite and alignment problems (known as malocclusions) are fairly common and range in severity from mild enough that they don't Orthodonticsnecessarily require correction, to significant enough to require orthodontic treatment with braces. Although most orthodontic treatment tends to occur in childhood, it is never too late to invest in orthodontic treatment, with many adults getting braces for the first time in their 20s, 30s, and beyond. Like all dental technology, braces have progressed a long way in the last few decades and now come in a variety of styles. Dr. David Waters, an orthodontist in Easley, SC, offers several treatment options for pediatric and adult patients looking for a straighter, healthier smile.


Orthodontic Treatment in Easley, SC

One of the most common orthodontic issues is an overbite, where the top teeth do not align and protrude over the lower teeth. Mild overbites usually don't require orthodontic treatment, but you can't tell if you will need braces just by looking at your teeth. A dental exam and evaluation by an orthodontist are necessary to determine the extent of any bite issues and the best way to treat them.

Other bite problems that may require orthodontic treatment include:

  • Crowding
  • Excessive spacing
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Mismatched midlines
  • Underbite


Types of Braces

Traditional metallic braces are still the most common, but there are several additional options depending on the type and severity of the malocclusion, as well as on the patient. In addition to the metallic variety, ceramic braces are another popular option, especially for adults looking for a more discreet method to correct their bite. Like metallic braces, they consist of brackets and wires, but the ceramic makes the brackets clear and much less noticeable on the teeth.


Find an Orthodontist in Easley, SC

For more information about the different types of braces and orthodontic appliances available, contact Waters Orthodontics by calling (864) 855-6360 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Waters today.

By Waters Orthodontics
May 02, 2018
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Do you need an Orthodontist in Easley, SC?braces

Braces fix bad bites and malocclusions, crooked or crowded teeth, by applying pressure on each tooth to put them into their proper position.

Earlier Treatment:

Dental issues mentioned above usually begin at 6 and 12 years of age, but orthodontic treatment usually begins around 8 to 14 years of age, because children's bone structure is still developing.

The exact duration of treatment varies from one person to another but may last up to 3 years. The braces move your child's teeth into their proper positions and, after your child no longer needs to wear braces, they will need to wear a retainer so their teeth don't shift back into their previous positions.

Adult Treatment:

Your Easley orthodontist can treat adults as well. No one is too old for braces. They work the same as for children. Braces add light pressure to teeth to move them into their proper position. There is a bigger risk of gum disease in adults though, so visit your dentist on a regular basis.

Caring for Teeth:

During Treatment:

  • Make sure to wear a mouth guard if you're playing a sport.
  • Don't skip your orthodontist's appointment to ensure braces are adjusted properly and that there's no hardened plaque on teeth and/or around gums.
  • Avoid eating certain foods, such as popcorn, corn, or sticky foods.
  • Floss and brush your teeth after every meal, and make sure you change your toothbrush every 3 months or when bristles are frayed.

After Treatment:

  • Wearing a retainer will help maintain the position of your teeth.
  • Continue brushing and flossing, and consider fluoride-containing products.
  • Visit your doctor for professional cleanings.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding child or adult orthodontic treatment, then call your Easley, SC, orthodontist Dr. David Waters.

By Waters Orthodontics
September 27, 2017
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Smile surveys were conducted by Harris Poll and the American Dental Association, aimed at understanding the impact of a person’s smile.orthodontic treatment When asked about the benefits of a straighter smile, most people surveyed said that it makes you look more attractive, more sociable, younger, and more professional. Orthodontic treatment is used to achieve these results. Here are the common cosmetic problems that can be treated by an orthodontist at Waters Orthodontics in Easley, SC.

Gaps in the Teeth
Some people are born with natural gaps in their smiles. This is most often due to teeth that are different sizes (some too large, some too small). In other cases one tooth is simply out of position, causing a gap on one side of the mouth. Gaps can also form when the enamel erodes around the teeth. Whatever the cause or case, orthodontics can help correct this problem.

Bite Problems
The way your upper and lower teeth meet together when you bite down has an effect on your smile, the shape of your face, and the way that you eat. Orthodontics is a solution for people who have major bite problems, including over and underbite. In some cases, you may be putting unnecessary pressure on a tooth whenever your bite down, causing an orthodontic problem. When undergoing treatment, your Easley orthodontist will likely perform a bite test to better understand the problem and how it can be improved with braces.

Crowded Teeth
Orthodontic treatment also helps patients who have crowded teeth, meaning the teeth overlap each other. For some patients the crowding is so advanced that it looks like they have an extra tooth on top of their gumline. This orthodontic issue sometimes happens when the teeth are pushed forward in the mouth due to wisdom teeth growing in.

Crooked or Turned Teeth
Some patients have teeth that are turned to the side or look crooked. One or more of the teeth may protrude forward or point backwards. All of these issues can be resolved with orthodontic treatment.

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Dr. David Waters is an orthodontist who specializes in helping patients who have moderate to severe cosmetic dental issues that require braces. Call his Easley, SC office at (864) 855-6360 today to schedule an appointment.