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By Waters Orthodontics
October 05, 2021
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Do you have crooked teeth? If you are put off by the idea of having to wear the traditional metal braces you'll be glad to learn about clear ceramic braces. We'll explore some of the most common questions regarding the treatment below. To learn more, reach out to your orthodontist, Dr. David Waters of Waters Orthodontics.

Aren’t Clear Aligners and Clear Ceramic Braces in Easley, SC, the Same Thing?

It's easy to understand the confusion between the two, even among online search results the answers may not be clear. So let's make this simple, a clear aligner is a plastic tray that you wear as you would a mouthguard, They straighten your teeth gradually and are removable. Clear ceramic braces are closer to traditional braces, but they are made to not be as noticeable in your smile.

Are There Benefits to Using Clear Ceramic Braces Over Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners can correct a variety of dental conditions, but they are limited in what they can accomplish. For certain severe problems related to your bite, your orthodontist will typically prescribe braces instead. Clear ceramic braces can correct the majority of these and do so discreetly. Aligners also require a great deal of personal responsibility, making clear ceramic braces a good choice for teens and for anyone worried about risking their entire orthodontic treatment over being forgetful.

Are There Benefits to Using Traditional Metal Braces Over Clear Ceramic Braces?

Both of these apply the same method toward correcting your smile, the only big difference is what they are constructed with. Metal braces use stainless steel for most of their parts and clear ceramic braces use a transparent ceramic material for the brackets, which makes them a lot less visible, even on close inspection. Come into the office to see what they look like in person.

Clear Braces in Easley, SC

If you are ready to improve the way you look and to do so discreetly, then dial (864) 855-6360 to schedule a consultation for clear braces in Easley, SC, with Dr. Waters of Waters Orthodontics.

By Waters Orthodontics
January 29, 2021
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Here’s why so many adults are turning to our Easley, SC, dentist for clear braces.

Looking for an easy, convenient way to straighten your teeth? You may certainly be saying “yes” if you are an adult. Luckily, our Easley, SC, orthodontist Dr. David Waters provides clear braces to older teens and adults who want to get a straighter smile but have reservations about wearing braces. Wondering if clear braces are right for you? Here are just some of the cool benefits of this alternative orthodontic treatment,

Brush and Floss as Usual

One of the reasons many people choose to get clear braces is that they easily fit into a person’s lifestyle without having to make major changes. Since aligners are removable you can easily brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. All you have to do is remove your aligners, rinse them out and place them in their case while you care for your smile. It’s also easier to keep teeth and gums clean since you don’t have to worry about food getting trapped in your braces.

Enjoy the Foods You Love

With clear braces there are no restrictions to what foods you can enjoy, so you can go out to your favorite Easley, SC, restaurant to chow down on a big, juicy steak or bowl of pasta without having to worry about your braces. Simply remove your aligners before eating and you won’t have to worry about food sticking to wires or brackets.

Far Less Noticeable

It’s nice to know that whenever you smile people won’t immediately notice your aligners. That’s because they are made from thin, transparent thermoplastic, that will blend right in when worn over your teeth. Plus, you can snap photos with your aligners in and you won’t even see them in your photos. We know how important it is for people to feel confident in their appearance, even with braces, and clear braces make that possible.

Fewer Checkups

Since aligners don’t need to be tightened like traditional braces, you won’t need to come into our office nearly as much. Most patients will only need to come into the office every 4-6 weeks for a quick checkup to monitor their treatment’s progress.

Are you interested in getting clear braces from our Easley, SC, dental team? If so, call Waters Orthodontics today at (864) 855-6360 to schedule a consultation.

By Waters Orthodontics
September 21, 2020
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How clear braces from your orthodontist in Easley, South Carolina can straighten your teeth discreetly.

You want a straight smile, and now there is a new way to achieve it. It’s clear braces, the modern take on orthodontic treatment. In fact, when you wear clear braces, they will be virtually undetectable to people around you. All your friends and family will see is your beautiful, straight smile.

Dr. David Waters at Waters Orthodontics in Easley, South Carolina offers a wide selection of orthodontic options, including clear braces.

There is a lot to like about clear braces, and that’s why they have become so popular. When you choose clear braces to straighten your smile, you will enjoy these fantastic benefits:

  • Discreet treatment, because clear braces are virtually undetectable to people around you
  • Comfortable treatment, because clear braces are made of smooth plastic, with no sharp parts
  • Convenient treatment, because you can remove the clear braces when you eat, to better enjoy the foods you love
  • Healthy treatment, because you can remove the clear braces to brush and floss normally

Clear braces are revolutionary plastic appliances, known as aligners. You receive your first set of aligners, which you wear for two weeks, and then you move on to a new set of aligners, which you also wear for two weeks.

You move on to a new set of aligners every two weeks and visit your dentist every few weeks to monitor your progress. Treatment with clear braces is complete in an average of nine to fifteen months.

So, are clear braces right for you? The truth is, clear braces are an excellent choice for most people, especially if you have an underbite, overbite, crossbite, or open bite. Clear braces can also close up gaps between your teeth, and realign rotated, crowded teeth. Dr. Waters will do a comprehensive examination, including imaging, to determine whether clear braces are the right choice for you and your smile.

You deserve a beautiful, straight smile, and clear braces can help you achieve it. To find out more about clear braces and other orthodontic services, call Dr. David Waters of Waters Orthodontics in Easley, South Carolina at (864) 855-6360. Call today.

By Waters Orthodontics
August 15, 2019
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Clear braces let people straighten their teeth without sacrificing their beautiful smiles. Clear braces are extremely popular, and our patients usually have questions about them— what they can eat and can't eat with them, whether they can even get them, what they cost, and more. We put together a list of frequently asked questions that should help you decide whether or not clear braces from your dentist in Easley, SC, are right for you!

What are ceramic braces?

Clear braces are just another type of ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are made of clear brackets that adhere to the front of your teeth. The type of bracket that's used has a high level of translucency, as opposed to a whitish, tooth-colored shade. They look like metal dental braces, except they’re clear and the brackets are smaller than metal brackets.

Can anyone get ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are best for adults and older teenagers who can watch what they drink and eat. Most adults who come in to straighten their smile opt for clear braces. Kids generally have a hard time keeping the braces clear, so metal brackets are best for them. Your orthodontist will let you know what they recommend and if ceramic braces are an option for you.

How long does treatment take?

They don’t take longer than traditional braces! Ceramic braces are just as strong as metal braces, so your dental provider in Easley can put as much pressure on your clear braces as they would on metal braces. Most patients wear dental braces for 1–3 years, whether they’re silver, white, or clear.

Will I need a retainer after treatment?

Wearing a retainer after orthodontic treatment is an important step, because it keeps your teeth stable in their new positions. If you want your teeth to remain in their new positions, it's best to wear a retainer as directed by your dental provider. Removable retainers easily slide out of your mouth when you brush your teeth or eat. These retainers should be worn full-time for at least one year after your dental braces are removed.

Do ceramic braces cost more?

They cost slightly more than metal dental braces. The materials are more expensive, so the initial cost of ceramic dental braces is higher. Metal dental braces generally cost between $3,000 and $7,000, and clear braces usually cost between $4,000 and $8,000. Talk to your dental provider, though, as costs vary by orthodontist and location. If you don’t like the look of traditional braces, then the slightly more expensive clear, ceramic braces are worth it.

Take the first step towards a straight smile today. Call Waters Orthodontics at (864) 855-6360 right now to schedule a dental consultation in Easley, SC, and get the smile you deserve. A beautiful smile and a happier you are well on their way!