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September 27, 2017
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Smile surveys were conducted by Harris Poll and the American Dental Association, aimed at understanding the impact of a person’s smile.orthodontic treatment When asked about the benefits of a straighter smile, most people surveyed said that it makes you look more attractive, more sociable, younger, and more professional. Orthodontic treatment is used to achieve these results. Here are the common cosmetic problems that can be treated by an orthodontist at Waters Orthodontics in Easley, SC.

Gaps in the Teeth
Some people are born with natural gaps in their smiles. This is most often due to teeth that are different sizes (some too large, some too small). In other cases one tooth is simply out of position, causing a gap on one side of the mouth. Gaps can also form when the enamel erodes around the teeth. Whatever the cause or case, orthodontics can help correct this problem.

Bite Problems
The way your upper and lower teeth meet together when you bite down has an effect on your smile, the shape of your face, and the way that you eat. Orthodontics is a solution for people who have major bite problems, including over and underbite. In some cases, you may be putting unnecessary pressure on a tooth whenever your bite down, causing an orthodontic problem. When undergoing treatment, your Easley orthodontist will likely perform a bite test to better understand the problem and how it can be improved with braces.

Crowded Teeth
Orthodontic treatment also helps patients who have crowded teeth, meaning the teeth overlap each other. For some patients the crowding is so advanced that it looks like they have an extra tooth on top of their gumline. This orthodontic issue sometimes happens when the teeth are pushed forward in the mouth due to wisdom teeth growing in.

Crooked or Turned Teeth
Some patients have teeth that are turned to the side or look crooked. One or more of the teeth may protrude forward or point backwards. All of these issues can be resolved with orthodontic treatment.

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