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October 05, 2021
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Do you have crooked teeth? If you are put off by the idea of having to wear the traditional metal braces you'll be glad to learn about clear ceramic braces. We'll explore some of the most common questions regarding the treatment below. To learn more, reach out to your orthodontist, Dr. David Waters of Waters Orthodontics.

Aren’t Clear Aligners and Clear Ceramic Braces in Easley, SC, the Same Thing?

It's easy to understand the confusion between the two, even among online search results the answers may not be clear. So let's make this simple, a clear aligner is a plastic tray that you wear as you would a mouthguard, They straighten your teeth gradually and are removable. Clear ceramic braces are closer to traditional braces, but they are made to not be as noticeable in your smile.

Are There Benefits to Using Clear Ceramic Braces Over Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners can correct a variety of dental conditions, but they are limited in what they can accomplish. For certain severe problems related to your bite, your orthodontist will typically prescribe braces instead. Clear ceramic braces can correct the majority of these and do so discreetly. Aligners also require a great deal of personal responsibility, making clear ceramic braces a good choice for teens and for anyone worried about risking their entire orthodontic treatment over being forgetful.

Are There Benefits to Using Traditional Metal Braces Over Clear Ceramic Braces?

Both of these apply the same method toward correcting your smile, the only big difference is what they are constructed with. Metal braces use stainless steel for most of their parts and clear ceramic braces use a transparent ceramic material for the brackets, which makes them a lot less visible, even on close inspection. Come into the office to see what they look like in person.

Clear Braces in Easley, SC

If you are ready to improve the way you look and to do so discreetly, then dial (864) 855-6360 to schedule a consultation for clear braces in Easley, SC, with Dr. Waters of Waters Orthodontics.